Trendy options for your home’s exterior

Most of the houses in posh areas are known for their unique designs, mostly the exterior. Since these houses are grand in their own manner, people tend to notice them more, but the fact remains that every house is built to be unique, with dreams laid in its foundations and hopes cemented in every brick of it.

There are several factors including weather conditions and maintenance, not to mention the prevailing trends that help you pick the right type of exterior for you home. If you are also planning to construct your house some time soon, we might be able to help you with some trendy options for its exterior.

Stone exterior

It is a very expensive choice to make and for all the right reasons. Stone is the most durable kind of material any building can have. Thanks to the variety of choices available, any homeowner give his house an unmatchable look in the neighbourhood. Because of its cost, you will come across only a limited number of houses with stone exterior. To add the nature’s beauty in their house and at the same time keep the expenditure in control, the modern architects add such stones to the front patch thus enabling homeowners to achieve their desired results.

Brick exterior

Brick houses have been popular for quite some time and their outlook is not just unique but also easier to maintain. With a bricked exterior, you can avoid the expensive maintenance cost of paint and touch ups and at the same time maintain temperature of your house during both summer and winter. Their rough yet classic finish is quite attractive to look at and thus increases the value of your house. You can choose from simple red bricks to rouge tiles and thus their cost varies. Please note that the bricked exterior is more expensive than the regular one.

Stucco exterior

When it comes to choosing home siding options other than paint, stucco is a reasonable choice in terms of cost. Any home exterior can be made unique with stucco as there are many ways of applying and preparing stucco. A mixture of cement and sand/lime combines to form stucco which can be applied in variety of ways to make your home look unique in its neighbourhood. The matt finish of stucco is rather popular these days and it is also long lasting and durable. One downside of stucco exterior is that if the homeowner gets bored of the exterior and chooses to opt for another style, a lot of labour would be required to even out the surface and make it ready for paint etc.

Painted exterior

With paint, a lot can be done to make your home look fairly unique and attractive. It is also one of the cheapest options but the maintenance cost in the longer run can increase if you fail to choose the right type of paint for your house. In most of the case, the exterior of the house has two tones; one for the rooftop/rooftop-shades/panels and the other for the exterior walls. Be it a combination of matching colours or a contrast, the paint for the exterior of house should be chosen based on the climate conditions of the respective area.

Other than the home exterior options mentioned in this article, wood, vinyl, metal and fibre-cement siding are also used in different parts of the world but in most parts of Pakistan, especially the major cities in plains, using these material is impractical due to the weather conditions. In addition to that, the durability of wood, vinyl and fibre is also a factor that makes them misfit for the harsh climate of Pakistan.

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