Bahria Town Karachi Plot For Sale

Do you know the  Bahria Town Karachi Plot Prices ?

Bahria Town Karachi Plot For Sale, 125 square yard and the price is roughly as of september 2022 is precent 10 is roughly around 55 to 65 lacs depending upon the location. you can get even cheaper in other precent of bahria town karachi .And for the 125 square yard villa minimum price you need as of september 2022 is over 1 to 2 CRORE depending upon the location and construction of the villa .you can buy 250 square yard plot minimum price you need as of september 2022 roughly 58 lacs to 80 lacs in precent 22 All new investor need to understand price vary from precent to precent, as we mention earlier precent close to jinnah avenue are expensive, other factor oldest precent like precent 1, to 33 are expensive then the new precent 34 to precent 60, other factor worth considering is where is plot located, is it close to sewerage line, does the plot land is equal surface or up and down ?

our advice is to investor after seeing the plot in the recent new map, you must visit at the plot location to see the real reality, because some time plot in map look different the actual physicals site.

Why Prices Are Falling in Bahria town Rapidly ? Most important at this moment there is no case against bahria town, there are no issues against btk like in the past, in spite of that prices are falling in btk . why ?is this only in btk or over all every where in karachi Pakistan .Of course over all economy of Pakistan, dollar rate, inflation, political situation makes business slow every where specially in the real estate market .

Prices are down every very in real estate but why specially in btk ?in our opinion the reason is, Bahria Town New Deal.and lots of rumors, that makes btk prices falling fast .BTK announce new deal at wrong time, there are already lots of supply .there were already lots of seller and btk new deal make it worse.

BTK EFFECTIES WERE WAITNG for good news for their plots, and btk issues new deal .this makes overall investor feel that btk in not interested in solving the problem they create by themselves for the BTK EFFECTIES and they are announcing the new deal .

Bahria town karachi THIS STRATEGY MAKE IT worse and price are going down .so what you do as a buyer ?is it a good time for investment, in our opinion no doubt prices are down roughly in 10 to 20 lac.but you have to wait, let market stabilize first, who knows prices go more further.

of course no body know the real bottom prices .only you can guess .so what you do ? if you already have the plot there .

its difficult question, its depend upon individual situation, if you have financial difficulty need money urgent, then you can sale, but if you have holding power, then you can wait and hope for the best .once again real estate investment is a long term process, you can win if you have the holding power, for the short term investor you can in and out fast whether you are in profit or loss , that’s the basic of real estate short term investment . if you don’t understand anything, you have any question, feel free to call us for advice .Bahria Town Karachi Plot For Sale

Bahria Town Karachi Plot For Sale

Bahria Town Karachi Plot For Sale

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