The Peshawar BRT Project: An Unexpected Success Story

The Peshawar BRT project has become a surprising success story. When it was first announced in 2018, many people were skeptical that the project could ever be completed. But four years later, the project has not only been completed, but it has far surpassed expectations. The BRT project has improved the quality of life for the people of Peshawar in numerous ways, from providing faster and cheaper...

Construction workers rely on blueprints to plan out a build – but what exactly are they?

Construction blueprints are an essential tool for any construction worker. They provide a roadmap for the building process, from start to finish. Construction blueprints provide a detailed plan of the structure being built, from the location of walls and doors to the placement of fixtures and appliances. They are a vital part of the building process and are used to ensure that everything is built...

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