Why the new Bahria town Karachi cricket stadium is a game-changer for Pakistani cricket

The Bahria town cricket stadium in Karachi has been making the news lately due to its increasingly impressive infrastructure and high-profile events, like the Pakistan Super League final earlier this year, which has placed it among the top cricket venues around the world. But why does Bahria town Karachi cricket stadium deserve all the attention? How does it compare to other Pakistani and international stadiums? And why should cricket fans be excited about this game-changer of a stadium?

The state-of-the-art facilities

Bahria Town has been doing wonders for Pakistanis looking to invest in property. With an increasing number of properties coming online, more and more people are taking notice.
The latest addition to this prestigious family of residential and commercial properties? The Bahria Town Cricket Stadium in Karachi. This state-of-the-art facility will house two world-class cricket pitches that will be able to host international-level games as well as training sessions by professional players from around the globe. It also has a number of other features that make it one of Pakistan’s most sought-after sports facilities: 16 changing rooms with separate male and female sections, a large VIP lounge, floodlights, a VIP seating area and much more!

The world-class design

The fact that there are no sporting facilities in our country which can accommodate international standards of play, has always been an issue. The world-class design of this facility will not only help out Pakistan’s national team but also every other player who wishes to excel in his/her sport. There will be ample space on the outer grounds for people to come and watch world-class matches on TV screens as well as live action. This venue will also provide training facilities and academies which will allow young players to hone their skills under expert supervision while still getting an education at the nearby schools and universities. The level of convenience at this venue is unmatched by any other sporting facility in Pakistan and I’m sure it’ll make quite a few people happy when it finally opens its doors to the public next year.

The central location

The new stadium will be at the heart of an 18,500-acre development in which 3.4 million people are expected to live. This central location is expected to bring fans from all over Pakistan and many international players as well. This combination of accessibility and convenience of being at the centre of a development that will house millions will make it one of the most accessible stadiums for fans in South Asia. It’s also worth noting that this is not just a cricket ground but rather an entire sports complex with indoor courts, swimming pools, and other facilities that can accommodate any sporting event at any time. There’s no doubt that this will be an exciting addition to not just Karachi but Pakistan as well!

The impact on Pakistan cricket

The announcement of the new Bahria town Karachi cricket stadium, set to open in 2020, has had many implications for Pakistan’s national sport. Firstly, it will provide a much-needed venue that can handle large crowds and international standards. Currently, Pakistan only has one major ground – Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore – which can hold over 40,000 people and be built in 1979. The other grounds are all outdated and cannot meet modern requirements. With this additional ground, international games will no longer have to be played at neutral venues abroad but can be hosted closer to home. This will also provide ample opportunities for young players who may not otherwise get the chance to play on such an international stage and establish their reputation at home.

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