Why Dha City Karachi 14 B is Important ?

Why Dha City Karachi 14 B Is Important ?

Today we will talk about why Dha City Karachi sector 14 b, and why its important then other sector in Dha city.
located at karachi hyderabad dha city karachi is the first project from the dha that was launch commercially that ordinary citizen can buy the plot in dha city directly.
before if the ordinary civilian wants to buy the plot he has to buy from allotee officer of armed forces, thats make dha city karachi project unique .
and wht makes dha city karachi sector 14 b is unique is that construction of villas is going rapidally, there are four sub sector in sector 14 .
sector 14 A, sector 14 B, sector 14 C, and sector 14 D, there are three category plots avaialable in sector 14.
in sector 14 B there are 125 square yards plots, and 300 and 500 square yards plots are available in other sectors, in sector 14 A, C and D .
Builder are constructing 300 hundreds number of villas and private plot owners are also constucting their villas in sector 14 B .
sector 14 B is the most searched and the most discussed sector in dha city karachi because of interest of small investor .
plot price in sector b as of september 2022 roughly around 48 to 55 lacs depending on the location roughly.
if you wants to make a investment or building your villas its good investment because of malir express way is under construction and the shaukat khanam hospital.
shaukat khanam hospital has the history, where ever its build its change that location of that area, so if have a holding power of almost two years you can see the real results
whether you invest in the 125 square yard plot or 125 square villas .
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