Updates on the Lyari Expressway: what’s been done and what’s left to do

The Lyari Expressway in Karachi is an ambitious project to improve the city’s infrastructure and reduce traffic congestion. The expressway, which connects the city center to the suburbs, has been under construction for several years now, with progress being made slowly but surely. This blog post will provide a comprehensive update on the progress of the Lyari Expressway project, detailing what has been done so far and what is left to do. We will also take a look at the current state of the project and what its completion could mean for Karachi.

The current state of the Lyari Expressway

The Lyari Expressway is a major highway project in Karachi, Pakistan, which is planned to connect the port city with the rest of the country. The project, first announced in 2006, is expected to provide a major boost to the city’s infrastructure and reduce traffic congestion. The project has seen its fair share of delays due to various issues, such as poor planning and inadequate financing.
Construction on the project began in 2007 but was hampered by multiple delays. As of April 2021, much of the project is still incomplete. The Lyari Expressway is one of the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Karachi, and its completion is crucial for the development of the city.
The expressway consists of two sections – one section from Drigh Road to Sharae Faisal and the other from Sharae Faisal to Korangi Creek. The project includes four major bridges, 17 underpasses, six interchanges, and 12 flyovers. It is expected to reduce traffic congestion in some areas by as much as 50 percent.
Work is ongoing on both sections of the expressway. In April 2021, it was announced that the construction of a bridge over Natha Khan Goth was almost complete, while construction of three interchanges in Shah Faisal Town were nearing completion. Construction of four bridges over Jamshoro Canal, Sher Shah Suri Road, Jinnah Avenue, and Jinnah Bridge has been completed. Work on the remaining bridges and underpasses is underway.
The completion of the Lyari Expressway will be a major milestone for Karachi and will result in improved transportation and economic opportunities for the city.

What has been done so far

The Lyari Expressway project in Karachi, Pakistan has been an ongoing project for the past several years. The expressway is a key part of the city’s infrastructure and will link the port city to the rest of the country.
The project began in 2008 with the construction of a 14-kilometer stretch connecting downtown Karachi to the Sohrab Goth Interchange. This was completed in 2014 and opened to the public in 2015. The next phase of the project began in 2016 with the construction of a 10-kilometer stretch between Baldia Town and the Sohrab Goth Interchange. This stretch was completed in early 2018 and opened for public use.
In 2018, work also began on a 9-kilometer stretch from Baldia Town to Surjani Town, which is expected to be completed by 2020. This section will complete the connection between the Sohrab Goth Interchange and Surjani Town, allowing for faster and easier transport between the two locations.
Other upgrades have been made to existing sections of the expressway, including widening the road and installing traffic signals, as well as adding new bridges to provide access across the river. Furthermore, new lanes have been added to the expressway to ease congestion.
Overall, much progress has been made in completing the Lyari Expressway project, but there is still more work to be done before it can be fully operational.

What needs to be done

The Lyari Expressway is still not finished and there is much more work to be done before it can be declared a complete success. The project is set to have eight lanes and it is currently running on four lanes. Therefore, the construction of the remaining four lanes needs to be completed.
The drainage system of the expressway is also an issue as it has not been installed yet. The lack of a proper drainage system can lead to major problems during monsoon season. Additionally, bridges and flyovers need to be built across the expressway to link different parts of the city. These bridges will help alleviate traffic congestion and provide easier access to different parts of Karachi.
The expressway also needs to be properly illuminated at night. This is important for security purposes and will help make it safer for commuters. Street lights, traffic lights and warning signs should all be installed along the length of the expressway.
Finally, the road surface itself needs to be maintained and fixed regularly. Due to the amount of traffic, potholes, bumps and other damages tend to occur on the road surface and need to be repaired in order to keep the expressway in a good condition.
All these points are necessary for the successful completion of the Lyari Expressway. Once these improvements have been made, it will become one of the main arteries of Karachi’s transport network and help reduce traffic congestion in the city.

The timeline for completion

The Lyari Expressway is one of the most ambitious construction projects to be undertaken in Karachi. It was approved by the government in 2006 and is estimated to be completed in 2021. However, due to various reasons, the project has faced numerous delays. The construction of the project began in 2013, but due to land acquisition issues and legal hurdles, the project has only been partially completed so far.
Currently, work is underway on the first phase of the project, which includes the construction of a 6.8km elevated expressway from Shahrah-e-Faisal to Sohrab Goth. This phase is expected to be completed in mid-2021. After this phase is finished, work will begin on the second phase of the project, which includes an additional 10.2km of elevated road connecting Sohrab Goth to Northern Bypass. This second phase is expected to be completed by 2022.
Once the first two phases are complete, construction will begin on the third phase of the project. This phase involves the construction of an additional 11.5 km of elevated expressway from Northern Bypass to Surjani Town and Gadap Town. This phase is estimated to be completed by 2023.
The completion of the Lyari Expressway is an important step towards improving infrastructure in Karachi. The project will ease traffic congestion and provide faster travel times between different parts of the city. It is hoped that with timely completion of all phases, the project will prove to be a great benefit for citizens of Karachi and for the whole country.

The impact on traffic in Karachi

The Lyari Expressway is a major project in Karachi and it is expected to have a big impact on the city’s traffic. The expressway is expected to help alleviate traffic congestion in the city, as well as reduce the amount of time it takes to get from one part of the city to the other.
Once the expressway is completed, it will provide an alternate route for vehicles travelling between various areas in Karachi. This will reduce traffic on the existing roads, as more people will take advantage of the expressway to get to their destination faster. This will also benefit businesses that rely on efficient transportation of goods within the city.
The expressway will also enable smoother travel for commuters, especially those who live in areas of Karachi far from the city center. The expressway will not only provide a faster route for those commuting to work or school, but it will also make the journey more pleasant. Commuters can look forward to enjoying their ride on the expressway without having to worry about traffic congestion and delays.
Furthermore, the expressway will open up new opportunities for economic development and job creation in Karachi. As more people use the expressway, there will be increased demand for services along the corridor, such as restaurants, gas stations, and shops. This will help create new jobs in the city and bring in more revenue for local businesses.
Overall, the Lyari Expressway has the potential to revolutionize transportation in Karachi. By providing an alternate route, it can help reduce traffic congestion, improve travel times, and open up new economic opportunities for businesses in the city.

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