Things You Should Know About Gliding Clubs in Karachi

A competitive as well as an enjoyable activity, paragliding is a sport that involves flying parachutes. It is one of the most popular sports among adventure seekers around the world. Paragliding in Karachi is something new and exciting as, over the past decade, at least, there weren’t a lot of places that offered such flying adventure in Karachi.

Karachi Gliding Club offers different types of paragliding activities and training programmes that are backed by the expertise of professionals. So, if you want to become a paraglider in Karachi, then keep the following things into consideration:


Since it’s an air sport, a lot of people have concerns about the safety measures. Contrary to popular belief, paragliding is a sport that is absolutely safe. In fact, of all air sports, it is the safest one. It accounts for only 0.2% of the overall world fatality rate. Karachi Gliding Club, which is the only place in the metropolis, as of now, which offers paragliding, makes use of the equipment that’s absolutely safe for individuals to go airborne.


It is a fact that any kind of air sport requires you to be physically and mentally fit. In the same way, paragliding requires the involvement of all your senses. It is important for your safety and situational awareness. Paragliding also involves a lot of physical activity that makes it important for paragliders to be physically strong. It is a thrilling sport for people seeking adventure in Karachi who have a daring spirit and aren’t afraid of heights.


The views that you are able to catch while airborne is one of the most exciting things about paragliding. At Karachi Gliding Club, they are always in search of new locations for the adventurers to make the most of their flying adventures. While paragliding in Karachi, you get to enjoy different types of scenic views as you fly in the sky. Coastal areas, deserts, rocky plains and historical places are usually the locations chosen by Karachi Gliding Club to organize the activities of paragliding for the thrill-seekers.  


Karachi Gliding Club, which is the only recreational club that offers paragliding till date, has many qualified trainers and experts belonging from the field of paragliding sports. People that are licensed from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), mostly certified by the military, serve as the instructors for paragliders. These instructors help people learn paragliding by using years of flying experience with the help of airworthy flying gear. All these measures are taken in order to ensure the safety of the amateur people learning paragliding.


The very first thing that makes people fall in love with air sports is that it allows them to soar free like a bird. It is, after all, arguably the lightest and most thrilling way of air transportation. A lot of elements come into play while paragliding; it’s a form of personal aviation that doesn’t involve a metallic aircraft as in the case of personal air vehicles. Paragliding is an extraordinary activity that will let you experience the adventure of a lifetime.  


The air sport of paragliding was available across the world, with the exception of a few countries. In recent times, the need for promoting this air sport locally in Pakistan was greatly felt. Finally, with the help of latest equipment, experience and awareness, paragliding was introduced in the city of Karachi by Karachi Gliding Club. Since the inception of this place, many training programmes have been carried out under the guidance of professionals, based on the activity of paragliding in Karachi. With the use of best flying gear, safety is ensured of everyone who is paragliding to avoid any unfortunate incident because this air sport is all about adventure and heights.

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