The Top Five Pakistani Fighter Jets That Will Make You Stand Up and Salute

Pakistan Air Force is one of the most powerful air forces in the world. It consists of some of the most advanced fighter jets that are capable of delivering lethal firepower. These planes are not only renowned for their cutting-edge technology and superior performance, but also for the courage and skill of their pilots. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at the top five Pakistani fighter jets that will make you stand up and salute. From the F-16 Fighting Falcon to the JF-17 Thunder, these aircraft have helped Pakistan defend its airspace and maintain its military superiority over the years.

JF-17 Thunder

The JF-17 Thunder is an aircraft developed jointly by the Pakistan Air Force and the China-based Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group. This multi-role fighter jet is capable of performing ground attacks, aerial reconnaissance, and interception missions.
The JF-17 Thunder has been in service with the Pakistan Air Force since 2007, and it was first used during the 2019 Balakot air strikes against targets in India. The JF-17 has a wingspan of 9.45 meters, a length of 14.93 meters, and is powered by a single Klimov RD-93 after-burning turbofan engine that produces up to 44.1 kN (10,000 lb) of thrust. It has a maximum speed of Mach 1.6 (1,200 mph), a service ceiling of 18,000 meters, and a combat range of 1,250 kilometres.
The JF-17 Thunder is armed with a 23mm GSh-23L twin-barrel autocannon, six hardpoints for carrying various air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions, and a variety of advanced sensors, including an infrared search and track system and a head-up display. It can carry up to 4,400 kilograms of external stores, including guided missiles such as the PL-5EII, PL-9C, and SD-10A.
The JF-17 Thunder has proved to be a highly capable fighter jet, and its performance has drawn much admiration from the Pakistan Air Force. The aircraft has participated in numerous exercises and operations since its introduction and is considered to be an important part of Pakistan’s air power.

Mirage III/V

The Mirage III/V is one of the most impressive fighter jets ever owned by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). This French-built aircraft has been a reliable workhorse for the PAF since its acquisition in the 1970s.
This multirole fighter jet is capable of flying at supersonic speeds and has a formidable weapon load. With the combination of its powerful engines and advanced avionics, the Mirage III/V is a great asset to the PAF in terms of air superiority.
The Mirage III/V is also highly manoeuvrable, with a maximum speed of Mach 2.2 and a maximum range of 2,000 kilometres. It can carry up to six missiles and is equipped with a 30mm cannon for close-range combat. The PAF has been using the Mirage III/V for decades and it remains an integral part of their arsenal today.
The Mirage III/V is a testament to the technological prowess of France’s aerospace industry, and it stands as a symbol of the PAF’s commitment to keeping its skies safe. This incredible fighter jet is truly one of the top five Pakistani fighter jets that will make you stand up and salute.

F-16 Falcon

The F-16 Falcon is a multi-role fighter jet that was originally developed for the United States Air Force. However, Pakistan has also been able to acquire this aircraft due to its strategic importance in the region. The F-16 has been used extensively in both the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan. It is capable of carrying a variety of weapons, including guided missiles and precision-guided bombs.
The F-16 is known for its high speed, manoeuvrability, and ability to fly low and fast, making it an ideal air superiority fighter. It is also capable of air-to-ground attack, making it a versatile platform for missions such as close air support and interdiction. Pakistan has modified their F-16s to include additional electronics and communications systems, giving them an edge over its adversaries.
This powerful jet is a symbol of Pakistan’s capabilities and prowess in aerial combat. With the F-16, Pakistan can ensure it maintains its edge in any future conflicts.


The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is home to some of the most advanced and powerful fighter jets in the world. One of the most popular and widely used fighter jets in their arsenal is the F-7P/PG, a Chinese-made multirole fighter aircraft.
This twin-engine supersonic fighter jet was first introduced to the PAF in 1983, with the intention of replacing the ageing fleet of F-6 fighters. Since then, it has become one of the mainstays of the Pakistani air force, serving both in air-to-air combat as well as ground attack missions.
The F-7P/PG is powered by two WP-13A turbojet engines, which produce over 11,000 pounds of thrust each. This allows it to reach a maximum speed of Mach 1.98 – more than twice the speed of sound! Additionally, its four underwing hardpoints can carry up to 8,000 pounds of external stores, including bombs, missiles, and fuel tanks.
The F-7P/PG is a highly manoeuvrable aircraft, with excellent acceleration and a rate of climb that is second to none. It also has an advanced avionics suite which includes a modern radar system, a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), and a Heads Up Display (HUD).
The F-7P/PG is an incredibly reliable and effective fighter jet and is one of the workhorses of the Pakistani air force. With its combination of advanced avionics, powerful engines, and exceptional manoeuvrability, it’s easy to see why this fighter jet is one of the top choices of the PAF.

A-5C Fantan

The A-5C Fantan is a multi-role fighter jet owned by the Pakistan Air Force. It has been in service since the 1950s and is one of the oldest Pakistani fighter jets still in operation today. The Fantan is known for its versatility and ability to carry a wide range of weapons, making it a valuable asset to the PAF. With a range of nearly 1,600 miles, it can easily reach targets located in neighbouring countries. The A-5C can also operate at altitudes up to 43,000 feet, allowing it to evade most ground-based threats. Its powerful twin engines make it capable of reaching top speeds of over 700 mph, allowing for quick response times in combat scenarios. Thanks to its rugged construction and reliable design, the A-5C Fantan is an essential part of Pakistan’s air defence capabilities.

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