The Main Reason You Can’t Sell Your House

As a real estate agent, I deal with house sellers all the time. Many of them are struggling with the same problem: they want to sell their house, but it just isn’t happening! I believe the main reason you can’t sell your house lies in how you view your property and how you go about selling it. If you do things incorrectly from the start, such as pricing your home too high, there’s no way it will sell. But if you go about it correctly, you’ll get plenty of potential buyers making offers on your home—and fast!

It’s overpriced

You might not be able to sell your house because it’s overpriced. A common mistake is thinking that raising the price will help you sell faster. This isn’t always the case. In fact, it can have the opposite effect of chasing away potential buyers. When you’ve listed your property for too much money, buyers see a red flag and worry about getting into a bidding war with other interested parties. It’s also important to remember that many buyers are first-time homebuyers or people who don’t want to spend more than they feel like they should on a new home. So if your price is sky high, they’ll keep looking elsewhere until they find something within their budget.

It’s in poor condition

You may be wondering why you can’t sell your house, and one of the reasons could be that the property is in poor condition. Before you make any changes to your home, take a step back and evaluate what it needs to be appealing to buyers. First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are all of the rooms on one level? – Is there enough closet space? – Is there room for a large table or desk? – Does every room have its own window? – Is there plenty of natural light throughout? – Is the layout conducive to how you live (e.g., does it suit your lifestyle)?
    If your home doesn’t meet these criteria, take note of what it needs and then prioritize which repairs are most important.

It’s in a bad location

A house that is in a bad location is going to be hard to sell. Houses in bad locations usually have a high tax burden, higher-than-average insurance rates, and crime rates that are much higher than the national average. It’s more difficult for potential buyers to visualize what their family would look like living in a home with these disadvantages. What’s more, it can be difficult for real estate agents to sell homes with these disadvantages because they will have to work harder and spend more time with the potential buyer which will eventually result in lower commission rates on the sale of the property.

It’s not marketable

You might not be able to sell your house because it’s not marketable. If you have a home that is in need of renovation or has difficulty meeting current building codes, you may have difficulty finding a buyer. Additionally, if your neighbourhood is prone to crime or your lot size is small, you may find it difficult to sell your home. In most cases, homes that are located near public schools and parks tend to fetch higher prices than those on the outskirts of town.

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