Should you go for that inverter AC?

These days, inverter air-conditioners are highly popular, and Gree is one of the top names taken when these appliances are being discussed. Essentially, people are moving towards inverter ACs because of their energy-saving technology, which in turn, saves on electricity bills significantly. But is it really that simple?

There are a number of considerations you need to keep in mind before buying an inverter AC and deciding whether it is the right purchase for you. You should also ensure that you keep it well-maintained for the best functionality in the long term.

What is inverter technology?

The main difference between a conventional and inverter AC is that the latter regulates the energy the compressor uses according to the temperature of the room. It only uses as much energy as required to keep the room at the set temperature in the thermostat instead of letting the compressor run at full energy constantly. This means that less power is consumed, ultimately leading to lower electricity bills, with a difference of as much as 50%.

Do I need it?

There are a number of things to keep in mind when going for inverter air-conditioners. One of the foremost factors is how constantly your AC remains switched on. In layman terms, the longer an inverter AC is on, the lesser energy it consumes as the room’s temperature evens out. At that point, the compressor slows down to just maintain that temperature.

If you use your AC intermittently and switch it on and off, then the energy savings won’t be as significant. This is because when it’s being switched on, the compressor will take a large amount of energy to start working.

Another thing to remember is that these ACs cost more than conventional ones. Companies like Gree have a wide range to fit various budgets and have an astounding number of designs to suit all kinds of needs. So, if you’re up for it, it can be a good investment and help you save money in the long run, despite the initial cost.

One thing that can make up for the cost is that almost all of these units have both heating and cooling options. So, you will get good use out of them throughout the year and live comfortably. In addition, many models respond to WiFi, so you can connect them to your smartphones as well.

How do I get the best out of it?

Like with every appliance, an inverter AC’s utility depends on how you use it. Experts recommend that you keep the thermostat at 25˚C to keep the compressor functioning at its best. In addition, it is best not to switch it on and off frequently. Let it run constantly, so that the compressor gets to its optimum energy-saving mode, and helps you cut down those bills significantly.

In addition, choose a tonnage according to the size and position of your room. A large room with huge windows facing the sun will require heavier tonnage than a smaller room with narrower windows.

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