Rates and Types of Wooden Doors in Pakistan [February 2023]

From fiberglass doors to composite ones, there are quite a few different types of interior and exterior doors available in the market for you to choose from. However, if you want to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home decor, you should consider using wooden doors in your house. Not only can they upgrade your entire home decor, but doors made out of wood are also more durable and provide better insulation than most other types of door materials. To put it simply, wooden doors in Pakistan have always been a rather popular choice among homeowners and interior decorators alike.

Another reason why most people prefer buying wooden doors in Pakistan is that they are very durable and provide better insulation than most other types of door materials. Since there are several types of wooden doors present in the market, you can easily find one that fits your budget as well as goes along with the overall look of your home.

Before we discuss the best wood for doors in Pakistan, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why wooden doors are so popular in the first place.


Compared to all other types of material used to construct interior and exterior doors for houses in Pakistan, the ones made out of wood are much stronger and least likely to dent or break. This makes them long-lasting and thus, a good investment. 

Moreover, you can simply cover up minor cracks and surface damage with a fresh coat of paint or polish. Although wooden doors are slightly more expensive, you cannot ignore the fact that they add value to your décor, especially since they can be customized to your liking.


Natural wood, which comes directly from trees, cannot be used for construction purposes due to its high moisture content. While the moisture content may vary in different types of wood, it usually goes through a commercial drying process before it can be utilized as a building material. The extracted wood is usually referred to as timber.

So, those who live in extremely humid weather conditions must follow a few simple door maintenance tips, like regularly polishing the surface, to avoid any permanent damage. The wood may also warp, swell or contract due to moisture in the air.

Another thing to consider when installing wooden doors in Pakistan is the threat of possible termite infestation. 


Here are the most popular types of wooden doors and their latest prices.

Type of WoodPrice per cubic foot
DeodarPKR 8500
PartalPKR 3500
Ash WoodPKR 10,500
Kail WoodPKR 4000
MahoganyPKR 8500
OakPKR 9500

Disclaimer: These prices are the latest wood prices in Pakistan as of February 2023 and vary significantly with quality. Please note the above-mentioned rates may differ slightly based on your location.


If you are having a hard time with door wood selection for your house, here are the characteristics of the most common types of wood used for doors in Pakistan. 


Traditional wood doors can make your house look expensive and elegant

Deodar, also known as Himalayan Cedar, is one of the best types of wooden doors to consider for your home. Known locally as Diyar, this wood is extracted from the national tree of Pakistan and has an even texture, making it an ideal type of wood for exterior doors.

Let’s take a quick look at the advantages or disadvantages of deodar or diyar.

Pro: Deodar has fine, straight and even grains, which ensure a smooth texture. Doors made out of diyar look more attractive than those made of other types of wood.

Con: Deodar doors are slightly more expensive than other types of wood doors in Pakistan.

Pro: These doors are generally sturdy, providing a layer of security to your household.

Con: Diyar can be easily scratched. So, installing these doors might not be a great idea if you have pets in your home.

Pro: This wood has good moisture and heat-repellent properties. Doors constructed from diyar wood are also not prone to termite and mould infestation.


Partal wood is commonly used for interior doors in Pakistan

Partal is extracted from Himalayan Spruce and is one of the most affordable types of wood used for doors in Pakistan. It is usually white in colour but turns to a very light shade of brown as it ages. 

Partal is a softer wood with low bending and crushing strength, which makes it a budget-friendly option and a common choice of wood for interior doors. It is also used for making window panels, furniture and even musical instruments.

Here are the most significant advantages and disadvantages of partal wood:

Pro: It is commonly available in a wide range of designs

Con: As a softwood, partal may not be as strong and durable as most other types

Pro: Partal doors are very economical. If you have a tight budget, these may be your perfect option.

Con: It is very prone to termite infestation.


Ash is a straight-grained softwood that is known for its flexibility, toughness and texture. It’s available at rather economical rates and is usually imported from the US and Canada, making it one of the most well-known types of wooden doors in Pakistan. If you’re simply looking to add value to your decor, it is probably the best wood for doors in your house. Usually, ash wood is light or creamy brown in colour. Though the hues might darken with time.

Take a look at some of the major pros and cons of ash wood:

Pro: Ashwood is relatively sturdy and has moderate crushing and bending strength

Con: It is costlier than most other types of wood used to construct doors in Pakistan. 

Pro: It is less likely to shrink or swell

Con: Ashwood is not very durable if exposed to harsh weather and direct sunlight

Pro: This wood is also smooth to the touch and has open grains with brown streaks

Price of Ashwood Doors in Pakistan

You can buy ashwood in Pakistan for the starting price of PKR 5,000 per cubic foot.


Poplar is yet another budget-friendly choice for interior wood doors in Pakistan. It boasts medium hardness and is usually available in greenish-yellow or greyish-white shades. 

This type of wood has closed grains with occasional streaks of purple. It also has an even texture and is a popular option when it comes to door wood selection for homes.

Moreover, poplar is also used to construct kitchen cabinets, furniture, frames and pallets among other items.

Here are some of the most important benefits and downsides of using poplar for house doors.

Pro: This type of wood provides good insulation, which means it helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Con: If not treated properly, this wood may cause eye allergy or skin irritation 

Pro: Poplar wood generally responds well to painting and staining

Con: Due to the greenish tint in this type of wood, dark finishes and paint colours are more suitable for poplar than clear finishes


More commonly referred to as pinewood, local kail wood comes from pine trees and is a relatively economical option for interior doors. It is widely used in house construction and is usually available in white or pale yellow colours.

Although there are several types of imported pine wood available in the market, experts usually prefer local kail as it has better elasticity and is not prone to shrinking or swelling. 

Pros and Cons of Kail Wood 

These are some of the most prominent benefits and downsides of using local kail wood.

Pro: Kail wood is pretty lightweight and has straight grains

Con: It is not as sturdy. Thus, it’s not suitable for exterior doors.

Pro: This type of wood takes really well to paint and stain

Con: Being a softwood, kail is prone to dents and scratches

Pro: Kail wood is more affordable than most other types of wood used to make doors in Pakistan


Mahogany is considered one of the best types of wood for exterior doors in Pakistan. 

Apart from doors, this highly sought-after type of wood is also used to make furniture and cabinetry. Owing to its durability, texture, strength and thickness, Mahogany is one of the most expensive options for wooden doors in Pakistan. Moreover, it has a fine to medium texture and is generally available in dark red or brownish-red shades.

Here are the most notable pros and cons of mahogany wood that you should be aware of:

Pro: This type of wood is least likely to rot, making it perfectly suitable for those who live in countries with humid climates or areas that receive a lot of rain.

Con: It is quite expensive. Therefore, if you are constructing or remodelling your home on a budget, this might not be the most suitable option for you.

Pro: Being one of the hardest wood, mahogany is extremely sturdy and long-lasting. 

Con: Given its hardness, this wood is a little difficult to cut shapes and even install

Pro: Owing to its dark hues, the doors made from this wood usually look clean and attractive at all times.

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