Petrol Price Rise like a Rocket Fuel Burns- Today’s Petrol Price in Pakistan

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Petrol Price Rise like a Rocket Fuel Burns- Today's Petrol Price in Pakistan

Yes, the petrol price in Pakistan has been rising like a rocket fuel. As of today, 04 September 2023, the price of petrol in Karachi is Rs. 233.89 per liter. This is an increase of Rs. 3.23 per liter from the previous day. The price of diesel is also up by Rs. 3.33 per liter to Rs. 227.31 per liter.

The government has blamed the rising petrol prices on the global oil market. The price of Brent crude oil, which is the benchmark for oil prices in the world, has been rising in recent months. This is due to a number of factors, including the Russia-Ukraine war and the global economic recovery.

The rising petrol prices are putting a strain on the budgets of ordinary Pakistanis. Many people are struggling to afford the high cost of fuel. The government has said that it is trying to find ways to subsidize the petrol prices, but so far it has not been successful.

Here is a table of the petrol prices in Pakistan for the past few days:

Date Petrol Price (per liter) Diesel Price (per liter)
04 September 2023 Rs. 233.89 Rs. 227.31
03 September 2023 Rs. 230.66 Rs. 223.98
02 September 2023 Rs. 227.43 Rs. 221.89
01 September 2023 Rs. 224.20 Rs. 218.66
31 August 2023 Rs. 220.97 Rs. 215.43

It is expected that the petrol prices will continue to rise in the coming days. The government is under pressure to do something to control the rising prices, but it is not clear what measures it will take.