Petrol Price Rise like a Rocket Fuel Burns- Today’s Petrol Price in Pakistan

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Today's Petrol Price in Pakistan

Yes, the petrol price in Pakistan has been rising steadily in recent weeks. As of today, September 1, 2023, the price of petrol in Karachi is Rs. 249.04 per liter. This is an increase of Rs. 12.25 per liter from the previous price of Rs. 236.79 per liter.

The reasons for the rising petrol prices are a combination of factors, including the global increase in oil prices, the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee, and the ongoing war in Ukraine. The war in Ukraine has disrupted global oil supplies, which has led to an increase in oil prices. The depreciation of the Pakistani rupee has also made imported goods, such as petrol, more expensive.

The rising petrol prices are putting a strain on the budgets of ordinary Pakistanis. Many people are struggling to afford the rising cost of living. The government has taken some measures to try to control the rising petrol prices, such as reducing taxes on petrol. However, these measures have not been enough to prevent the prices from rising.

It is unclear when the petrol prices will stabilize. The global oil market is volatile, and the war in Ukraine is ongoing. The government is also considering raising the prices of other petroleum products, such as diesel and kerosene. This would further increase the burden on ordinary Pakistanis.