New A/C Bus Service Offers Respite from Karachi’s Sweltering Heat

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The heat in Karachi has been brutal this summer, with temperatures reaching above 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit). Government officials have attempted to come up with solutions for the sweltering heat, and the latest plan involves an air-conditioned bus service, which will become Pakistan’s first air-conditioned bus service in the country. As citizens wait to see how the bus service works out, they can look forward to the opening of the Peoples Bus Service (PBS) in September 2017.

The need for air-conditioned bus service in Karachi

In recent years, the Pakistani city of Karachi has become notorious for its sweltering heat. The temperatures regularly reach over 115°F (46°C) during the summer months, with high humidity and very few cooling breezes.
This unrelenting heat can make it difficult to walk outside in the daytime, let alone work or live. Those who must endure these conditions often find themselves drinking more water to cool down and taking refuge in air-conditioned buildings whenever they can.
In recent years, these conditions have put an enormous strain on public transportation services in the city as well. With so many people trying to cram into buses without air conditioning, it is a wonder how any vehicle manages to function at all!

The features of the new bus service

The Peoples Bus Service is a new initiative from the City District Government of Karachi. Its launch coincides with the sweltering summer months in Pakistan, where temperatures can reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. The bus service offers commuters an air-conditioned alternative to travelling on the city’s public transportation system, which does not have air conditioning. This new service is a welcomed relief for many people who are unable to afford private transportation options and are forced to use public buses during this time of year. The city government has made several attempts over the years to provide some relief to their citizens by installing water coolers on buses and providing water fountains at major bus stops, but these measures were not sufficient enough.

The benefits of using an air-conditioned bus service

KARACHI, Pakistan, September 5, 2015:
The Sindh Provincial Government has announced the election of Syed Mustafa Kamal as the new mayor of Karachi. The announcement comes after a four-year hiatus in mayoral elections during which the city was governed through a provincial ordinance.
Mr Kamal is a prominent politician and former president of the Pakistan People’s Party. He recently stepped down as Federal Minister for Science and Technology to contest elections for the position of Mayor of Karachi.

The drawbacks of the new bus service

The bus service has a few drawbacks. The buses are not air-conditioned and are very hot in the summer months. Furthermore, the service only runs during peak hours and stops at 8:00 pm. This makes the service unusable for people who do not work a 9-5 schedule.

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