Make your homes smart!

Smart homes are all the rage these days. From making living easy and facilitating you in your daily tasks, modern smart home technology is a way for you to carry out your daily errands in the most convenient way.

These devices operate through; an alert system that issues a command, an identifying unit number for the device, and a code that contains the actual command. While this seems to be a little too technical, the easiest way is to understand that the most important feature of smart home systems is that it offers it lets you adapt your house to your needs through automated devices.

A range of smart home technologies are available. These can be as basic as smart TVs which connect to the internet to access content through applications, such as on-demand video and music. Companies like Avatar Smart Homes provide such systems to make your home work for you.

What are smart systems?

Smart lighting systems are also an exciting option. These allow users to remotely control and customise their smart lighting options which basically allow the occupants to detect when someone is in the room for e.g., and regulate your lighting needs on the basis of natural daylight availability. This also saves in cost of lighting, significantly.

Smart thermostats can help you to schedule, monitor and remotely control our home temperatures. Over time, these devices are also able to learn homeowners’ behaviours and modify their settings. These are also capable of reminding users to change filers and efficiently use energy.

Smart locks and garage-door openers can grant or deny access to visitors. These use facial-recognition technologies to un/lock gates and doors for residents.

With a camera connection on the phone, residents on vacation can keep an eye on their homes. This will allow you to detect if there’s any unsupervised activity going on and call security if you feel that it is necessary.

Household system monitors help sense an electric surge and turn off appliances such as lights. These can also sense water failures or freezing pipes.

Choosing the right system

Smart technology, as you can see, is a way to not only help you carry out your daily errands, but also to keep a check on your house, and its various systems. With so many options available, pick the one that works best for you.

Avatar Smart Homes offers good options for a wide variety of budget ranges. These include options such as:

  • Wifi-enabled security alarm system
  • Door and window sensor
  • Emergency ball button
  • Medical emergency button
  • Out-door camera
  • Wireless gas/leakage detector

All of these devices can allow you to tailor your house as per your needs and manage its security and integrated systems.  These are extremely easy to install and require very little for upkeep and maintenance.

A combination of these is installed, depending on your security and maintenance needs. Most people in Pakistan prefer to use smart technology to regulate their security. Whereas, some want to use it for aesthetic purposes such as lighting. While most houses have installed these after construction, it is a good idea to plan ahead and incorporate these in the design before you head on to your construction.

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