Majestic Mall: your go-to shopping destination

Majestic Mall is a shopping complex situated near the Islamabad International Airport, in Sector B-17. Its precinct (the first thing you notice) is comprised of splendid architecture: beautiful buildings that host a number of national and international brands.

Properties in Majestic Mall range in price from PKR 1.186 million to PKR 70.25 million. These units are also available on easy instalment plans; with the lowest requiring a payment of PKR 14,000 per month.

Near the CPEC route means a diversified consumer base

A prime location can do wonders for any business. And the proximity of Majestic Mall to the CPEC route (with the benefits it brings) is a good indicator of this fact. The towering structure sits near the recently inaugurated Islamabad International Airport. One can also reach the mall via the GT Road network.

For investors and traders, access to the airport means interaction with both local and international consumers. For the customers’ benefit, the mall brings world-class products and shopping facilities; all under the same roof. A win-win situation for everyone.

In principle, the project is aimed at a clientele seeking to diversify its overall shopping experience. Moreover, the availability of nifty public transportation facilities means that there are virtually no barriers to reaching the mall.

Backed by a construction giant

When you’re the brainchild of a developer as big (and well-reputed) as Ajaib Group, you know you’ll succeed.

The group has been active in the construction industry since 2012. Its commitment and dedication has earned it a loyal consumer following. For Ajaib, the client’s success is considered the group’s success. And its incredible projects’ portfolio speaks volumes of this continuing story of triumph.

The group employs young and vibrant individuals who are expertise in their respective fields. It derives its strength and motivation from the good feedback of its clients.

Everything under one roof (and more)

Properties in Majestic Mall present a perfect blend of innovation and good aesthetic sense. The developers have skilfully installed a giant wall dedicated solely for flash advertisements.

Investors have the opportunity to choose from 1-kanal and 1.1-kanal halls on the lower ground floor, while the first four floors have been dedicated to 96-478 square feet shops.

According to inside sources, both national and international brand outlets will be opened to the mall’s shoppers soon.

On another happy note, families visiting the complex don’t need to worry about recreational facilities for their children. The fourth floor has been specifically designed for this purpose.

As such, it features a large fun area; loaded with playful rides for kids to have the time of their lives!

Bon Appétit – because food is important

You’re on the fourth floor and tired.

No worries – as there’s food (not for thought, but for your stomach!). And not just any food, but some of the most delicious kind that you’ll find in the area. Don’t believe us? Just head on up to the fifth floor, and find out for yourself.

Mega Mall provides the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi an exciting opportunity to try all their preferred delicacies under one roof. The builders have also made sure that visitors’ security remains the highest priority.

Other facilities include free Wi-Fi, satellite and cable TV, a prayer area, and close proximity to schools and hospitals. Moreover, a dancing fountain show conducted on the rooftop promises to excite even the most bored-out of shoppers (if that’s possible).

Majestic Mall provides a platform which virtually connects Pakistan and China – in terms of cementing friendly, two-way customer relations. Investors and traders eager to expand their consumer base will find no more suitable base of operations (in the locality) for pursuing such a venture.

As for visitors, everything that they could want is placed within their reach; from world-class products to entertainment facilities, overseen by a vigilant 24/7 security and monitoring system.

Cost and instalment plan details

The commercial units are available on a three-year instalment plan, with the lowest instalment starting at a meagre PKR 14,000 per month.

Through this facility, aspiring buyers can easily avail their desired properties; ranging between a total cost figure of PKR 1.186 million to PKR 70.25 million.

Payment plan

BookingConfirmation (within 45 days from booking)Monthly InstalmentsAmount on possession
15% 20%Remaining 55% spread over 42 monthly instalments10%

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