Home Renovations You Can Undertake As A Renter

If you are a renter, you must always be contemplating between making your place more according to your own set of needs, and whether or not you should. This happens to most renters because any house you choose to live in can never be exactly what you have in mind. There are always unnecessary walls that you can bring down or too much open space that should be separated with walls. If you are also caught between what you should and can do as a renter, read this blog to find all the rental home renovations you can undertake easily.


While making renovations you should think about making the space livable for you and your family. Your renovations and repairs are directed towards your well-being, and not at increasing the value of the property. Hence, you need to make low-cost renovations that are functional and aesthetic in nature. 

Below is a list of repairs and works you can carry out easily.

You should not go overboard and completely transform the space, even if it’s just for you. This is primarily because in most cases, all such renovation costs have to be borne by the renters themselves, and not the landlord. 


To identify, look at the things that urgently need to be upgraded. These should be the absolute essential repairs that will improve the overall functionality of the house. 


Take a closer look at the walls, doors, and windows. These together form the basic structure of your house, and should therefore be covered properly, leaving no gaps. If your doors creak, and windows don’t seal shut properly, start from making these repairs. Windows that are not sealed properly make it much harder to regulate temperatures, and are also a security hazard. 

After your house’s access routes, you need to take a close look at your walls. There are always signs that your house needs a repaint job. This can really amp up the place. Check out our guides on painting a house and different rooms to get a better idea of how to go about this laborious task.

  • Paint your room like a professional
  • Essential tools for painting
  • All you need to know before painting your house white
  • Colors that make rooms look bigger
  • Painting front door
  • How long does paint take to dry?


Upgrading the designs does not necessarily mean that you’ll change the overall look of the house, but merely, elevating the overall look. You can install new slide windows and pocket doors. Customize the windows as per your needs. Sometimes you’ll see that the size of the windows is not optimal, and you can easily change this. 

If you have a storage room, you can install a coat rack or build a cupboard to make the most use of space. You can also use organizers so the space is not cluttered. Home organization always goes a long way in elevating lifestyle. If you have space and budget, install a kitchen pantry, or dirty kitchen. This will make your cooking a much more fun experience. 

While these might seem big improvements, they are nonetheless essential. However, you can stick with the basics and focus on installing modern furnishings. Get new lighting fixtures, especially in your drawing and dining area, as well as the kitchen. This is primarily because these are your ‘formal lounges’ and you should invest here. Flooring is always something that grabs people’s attention, however, it is a huge task and should only be undertaken with the landlord’s consent, and preferably be paid for by the landlord. 


This also relates to efficient storage options. You should invest in kitchen cupboards and organizers that will store all of your ingredients, utensils, cutlery, and crockery, properly. 

In the bathroom too, you need organization tools to store toiletries, make-up, and other appliances. You can also install lighting fixtures here.


In most modern homes, you’ll find a number of amenities and electrical appliances that are sure to make your life easier. If these aren’t in your rental property, you can add them yourself.

  • Dishwasher. 
  • Air conditioning. 
  • Off-street parking.
  • Outdoor living areas. 
  • Fenced-in yard for pets. 
  • Washer and dryer in-unit. 


This can be a fun activity that you can do as a family. Create a small garden and plant colorful flowers. Or you can create this into a kitchen garden by planting herbs, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, or anything that can easily grow here. You can also construct a small patio if you have space and budget, or install an outdoor kitchen if you like to have barbecue parties. 

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