Here’s the List of Famous Buildings in Karachi

The city of Karachi is appears to be growing skywards on a faster pace than ever before, almost literally, owing to the increase in construction of multistory buildings. Either built for commercial or residential use, every tall building, usually going over ten storeys, secures its place as a delightful addition to the city’s skyline. From a bird’s-eye view, this city appears to be dotted with high-rise buildings — a feature that’s common among megacities across the world. So, let’s take a look at some of the tallest ones in the bustling metropolis.


Floor count: 24

Height: 335 ft

The very first and most important entry in the list of the tallest buildings in Karachi is the Habib Bank Plaza. There was a time when Karachiites used to visit II Chundrigar Road only to get a glimpse of Habib Bank Plaza. It was the first skyscraper of Karachi that had a floor count going over 20 floors. Built in the year 1963, Habib Bank Plaza remained to be known as the tallest building of Pakistan for over 40 years that stills serves as the Habib Bank’s headquarters. However, its title of Karachi’s tallest skyscraper was taken away by another tall structure, known as the MCB Tower that was built in the mid 2000s.


Floor count: 29

Height: 381 ft

Being a hub of head offices, II Chundrigar Road was awarded another one of the tallest buildings in Karachi, known as the MCB Tower, in the year 2005. Muslim Commercial Bank, abbreviated as MCB, is headquartered in this building. The completion of this 29 storeys high structure along with three basement floors took a timespan of over three years. MCB Towers took skyline of Karachi to new heights from where there was no coming back. It enjoyed the status of being the tallest building in Karachi for a few years before the construction of Ocean Tower near Do Talwar.


Floor count: 30

Height: 394 ft

Standing magnificently near the very famous Underpass in the area of Clifton and Do Talwar is Ocean Tower. Its gleaming, tall edifice can grab your attention from afar. This skyscraper of Karachi is also in commercial use as it hosts a cinema, offices and Ocean Mall, which is one of the famous shopping destinations in Karachi. The project was initiated with the investment of billions of rupees in the late 2000s and was finally completed in the year 2012. Like other high-rises in Karachi, Ocean Tower runs on its own powerhouse, producing 5 megawatts of electricity. For safety measures, it also has hi-tech systems constantly watching over the frequency of heat and smoke produced in the vicinity of the building.   


Floor Count: 40

Height: 656 ft

Close to the Executive Tower that has the very famous Dolmen Mall Clifton in it are a couple of buildings under construction. Known as the Dolmen Towers yet, these buildings are almost of same height having the same floor count. One thing that makes them quite noticeable is that they have multiple floors of car parking above the ground. Located by the shore line of Karachi, which is believed to be an ideal location for commercial activities, these buildings are likely to serve as office complexes upon completion.


Floor Count: 50

Height: 656 ft

Chapal Skymark is a residential project based on luxury apartments. With 50 storeys, it is one of the tallest under-construction buildings in Karachi. Upon completion, it is going to be a 50-storey apartment building standing tall near the area of PIDC Karachi. An apartment building with a total height of 755 ft has never been constructed before in Karachi. After looking at the structure of this building that is still under construction, we suddenly notice multiple floors dedicated to parking. This is good news for residents concerned about their vehicles. Being an apartment project close to many famous areas in Karachi such as PIDC, Saddar and II Chundrigar Road, Chapal Skymark turns out to be situated at an ideal location near the city centre.


Floor Count: 46

Height: 804 ft

The construction of Bahria Hotel is underway, right next to the Bahria Icon Tower. These two projects were planned side by side, inspired by what were previously called New York’s Twin Towers. Having a height of 804 ft, Bahria Hotel is going to be 46 storeys tall, which makes it one of the tallest under-construction buildings in Karachi. Once this structure gets completely constructed, it will serve as the tallest hotel in Karachi. Its foundation was laid a few years ago and it might take a couple of years for this project to become fully functional. The name of the tallest building in Karachi is right next in the list.


Floor Count: 62

Height: 984 ft

With the count of 62 storeys, the name of the tallest building in Karachi is “Bahria Icon Tower”. It tops not only the list of the tallest buildings in Karachi, but also in the entire country. Built for residential as well as commercial use, Bahria Icon Tower has some floors designated for serviced office space, while the rest of the floors are specified for residential use having serviced apartments. With the cost of billions of rupees, the construction of the Bahria Icon Tower started in 2012 and it will still take quite some time for this project to get completed. Having an incredibly unique architecture that is visible from a large part of the city, this skyscraper is now considered as one of Karachi’s most significant landmarks.


Floor count: 25

Height: 240 ft. (approx.)

Grove Residency is located on a prime spot in the outskirts of DHA Phase 7 Ext., which is just a short stroll from KPT Interchange, one of the busiest flyovers in the city. It’s a large-scale real estate project, owned and developed by the Dolmen Group. 

The height of this under-construction apartment complex is 25-storeys and it is based on three towers, where the third tower is a bit smaller. Like any other modern-day apartment project, Grove Residency has been equipped with all necessary in-house facilities, amenities, and features, and if you want to learn more about them click on the highlighted text.


Height: 500 ft. (approx.)

HSJ Icon is another residential development in the city, which has been envisioned and planned as a skyscraper. The project is located in the immediate vicinity of landmarks like Marriott Hotel and Frere Hall on main Abdullah Haroon Road. 

Upon completion, it is going to be one of the most prominent and tallest residential towers in Karachi. For more details about the facilities, features, and investment options available at HSJ Icon, read this blog.


Floor Count: 37

Height: 450 ft. (approx.)

Bakht Tower is a mixed-use development based on commercial, corporate and residential properties. It has an attractively designed facade, which is based on 37 floors. This highrise in Karachi is also located in the area of Clifton.

Since Bakht Tower is a part of sea-facing real estate located in the vicinity of Marine Promenade Road, it lets you enjoy panoramic views of the Arabian Sea from its upper floors. The building was completed in 2015 and now houses offices of many well-known corporate firms in the country.


Floor Count: 31

Height:  450 ft.  (approx.)

Connecting Abdullah Haroon Road with Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Hoshang Road is a very short but important two-way road in the vicinity of Civil Lines. The real estate significance of this road is about to reach new heights as it is witnessing the construction of Hoshang Pearl, a luxury apartment project by the developers of Bahria Town.

Only a handful of apartment buildings in Karachi provide nearly a dozen floors for car parking and Hoshang Pearl proudly stands among them. According to the official website of the project, it is envisioned to offer an exclusive urban lifestyle to its residents with its super-luxurious apartment units and world-class facilities.


Floor count: 28

Height:  389 ft.

Ever since its completion in 2013, Centre Point has become one of the most popular corporate landmarks in the City of Lights.  It is a 28-storey-tall structure, which stands magnificently right next to the KPT Interchange, overlooking the suburbs of DHA Karachi. 

According to a recent development, the project has now been handed over to Bank Al-Habib by TPL Properties, the project’s former owner. The world’s tallest mural ‘Rising Blue’ has also been painted on this building by well-known Italian artist Giuseppe Percivati.


Floor Count: 27

Height: 354 ft.

Another very famous commercial office building in Karachi is Mega G4 Corporate Tower. You may not know this building by its name, but you may be familiar with its structure. It is located just a short stroll from Teen Talwar, one of Clifton’s most famous landmarks, and is one of the tallest buildings in the vicinity. 

A giant logo of HBL (Habib Bank Limited) has also been installed on the upper storeys of the building as the commercial bank has a regional head office in the building. This is why it is also called HBL Mega Corporate Tower. 


Floor Count: 23

Height: 361 ft.

Designed with eye-catching architecture, UBL Tower is, hands down, one of the most attractive-looking buildings in Karachi. The 23-storey building was completed in 2016. As the name suggests, it hosts the headquarters of UBL (United Bank Limited). 

UBL Tower is located on the main I.I. Chundrigar Road, which is among the oldest and most popular business locations in Karachi. This road is also famous for hosting the head offices of many renowned financial institutions and news corporations of the country.

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