Here are the Best 10 Marla House Design Ideas

If you’ve recently invested in a plot to build your dream home, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll discuss the 5 best 10 marla house design ideas that can help you construct an attractive-looking yet fully functional home.


On average, a 10 marla plot in Pakistan covers an area of 30 by 75 feet. It comes to a total of around 2,722 sq. ft. The floor plans we’ll discuss below cover two floors to help you make the most of the available space.


Total Area Covered on the Ground Floor1,345 Square Feet
Total Area Covered on the First Floor1,070 Square Feet
Total Area Overall2,415 Square Feet
Number of Bedrooms4
Number of Bathrooms5
Number of Terraces1
Servant QuartersYes
Storage RoomNo

Ground Floor

As detailed in the image above, the ground floor opens up to a 15 x 26 garage, giving you just about enough space to accommodate two cars, and a front lawn covering 300 square feet. You then come across the main entrance or lobby. 

From there, the first door to the left takes you to the 14 x 12 drawing room. It is where you can comfortably entertain and seat guests on two three-seater sofas with ease. Such arrangements are also pretty common in 10-marla Spanish design houses in Pakistan.

Moving further into the 16 x 13 lounge, it is supposed to be an open plan living space with a 10 x 13 dining area where stairs for the upper floor are also located. The lounge also contains a small 24 square feet washroom, which is the first door on the right after entering the area. 

Two doors lead out towards the back of the house, one being a 14 x 13 guest bedroom with an 8 x 6 ensuite and the other being the 9 x 13 kitchen, which also has a back door leading out to the backyard. The 5-foot-wide open passageway and the spiral staircase at the back of the house can be used by the hired help.

First Floor

Taking the stairs up to the first floor, the plan for the first floor starts with a central 144 square feet sitting area. On the right of the sitting area is the 14 x 13 master bedroom, with its own 11 x 8 ensuite bath. It also leads out to an open terrace, overlooking the main gate of the house. Two doors to two more bedrooms open up in the central sitting area, one located directly opposite the stairs and another to the left. Both bedrooms are 11 x 13 in size and have 6 x 7 ensuite bathrooms.

The topmost right-hand corner on the first floor is dedicated to an 8 x 6 servant quarter with a 4 x 6 space that can be converted into a bathroom. The entrance to this part of the house is only via the spiral stairs located at the backside.

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Total Area Covered on the Ground Floor1,526 Square Feet
Total Area Covered on the First Floor1,044 Square Feet
Total Area Overall2,570 Square Feet
Number of Bedrooms5
Number of Bathrooms6
Number of Terraces2
Servant QuartersNo
Storage RoomNo

Ground Floor

The second 10 marla house plan we recommend, opens up to a 2-car 14 x 26 garage, with a 12 x 20 lawn at one side. The entrance lobby opens up to a three-way intersection. On the left is a 12 x 12 drawing room to entertain your guests, while an 8 x 7 bathroom opens up to the right under the stairs that lead to the upper floor. 

Moving further into the lobby takes you to the spacious 16 x 15 lounge/dining area that has a door to the 9 x 12 kitchen on the right. An exit from the kitchen leads to the 5-feet-wide passageway outdoors and the backyard. 

The ground floor also contains two bedrooms at the far end of the property. On the left is a 14 x 12 bedroom with an 8 x 6 ensuite bathroom, while on the right is a 9 x 14 bedroom with a 4 x 8 ensuite bath. With a few changes, it can also be transformed into an ideal ground floor plan for a small house design.

First Floor

The first floor of this 10 marla house design opens up to a 13 x 10 sitting area and an open terrace that looks over the side of the property. Directly in front of the stairs is a door to a 14 x 14 bedroom with a 8 x 6 ensuite bathroom, while a door at the top of the stairs also opens up to a wrap-around terrace at the front of the property.

This 10 marla house design contains two kitchens, with a smaller 8 x 5 one located on the first floor, with access from the sitting area. The 10 marla floor plan then opens up to the last two bedrooms, one of which is the 14 x 16 master bedroom with its 5 x 8 bathroom. The other 8 x 15 bedroom to the left also has its own 8 x 7 bathroom.


Total Area Covered on the Ground Floor1,538 Square Feet
Total Area Covered on the First Floor1,303 Square Feet
Total Area Overall2,841 Square Feet
Number of Bedrooms4
Number of Bathrooms5
Number of Terraces2
Servant QuartersYes
Storage RoomYes

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