Committees to help you save money for a plot

In Pakistan, there are several committees (also known as “savings schemes” or “thrift societies”) that can help individuals save money for a plot. These committees are a popular way for people to pool their savings together and collectively invest in a plot or property.

Here are some of the committees that you can consider:

  1. The Pakistan Post Office Small Savings Scheme: This is a government-backed savings scheme that offers different investment options, including the National Savings Certificate and the Bahbood Savings Certificate, which can be used to save for a plot or property.
  2. Housing Finance Companies: Some housing finance companies in Pakistan offer savings schemes that allow individuals to save a fixed amount each month towards their dream plot or property. These companies offer flexible terms and low-interest rates to encourage saving.
  3. Cooperative Housing Societies: Cooperative housing societies are membership-based organizations that allow individuals to pool their savings together to invest in plots or properties. Members pay a fixed monthly amount, which is then used to buy plots or properties. These societies are usually registered with the government and are regulated by the Cooperative Societies Act.
  4. Private Investment Groups: Private investment groups are informal committees that are formed among friends or family members who wish to pool their savings together to invest in a plot or property. Members contribute a fixed amount each month, and the money is used to buy a plot or property that is then divided among the members.

It’s important to research and compare different committees before choosing one, and to ensure that the committee is registered and regulated to avoid any potential scams or frauds.

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