5 Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

Of course, we all want to work smarter not harder. Extraordinary stress may drain all of our energy out of our bodies, resulting in decreased productivity and unfavourable situations at work. Worrying over not being able to complete your tasks for the day isn’t a pleasant feeling.

The horrors of demotivation may surround you in such a situation. So, what should you do to increase your productivity at work? Well, first of all, find where the actual problem lies.

Is it procrastination, your personal life or any other thing associated with you that is affecting your performance? It is very important for you to figure that out. Also, go through the tips that we have listed here for you and try incorporating them in your routine to increase your productivity at work.


Attending calls, answering emails, maintaining files, all at the same time? Some people believe being a multitasker is a quality. What they don’t realize is that multitasking actually kills productivity. According to experts, juggling multiple tasks only creates more confusion for the human brain.

Avoiding multitasking lets you focus on a particular task properly, allowing you to increase your productivity. Stay as far as possible from multitasking when performing professional duties, if you want to be increase your productivity at work.


Does it mean that you don’t breathe while working? Of course, you do. By ‘take a deep breath’ we actually mean that you should regularly take short intervals while working in order to avoid exhaustion.

You can go for a tea break or walk a few steps just to freshen up your mind. A lot of people believe working longer hours is equal to getting more work done. That’s a myth. Taking regular breaks actually boosts a person’s mood and allows them to concentrate more on their work.


Someone may not be monitoring you all the time but this doesn’t mean you should start procrastinating. Instead, try to meet self-imposed deadlines as it will help you to increase your productivity at work. These deadlines work the best in case of open-ended projects. The outcome is going to surprise you, once you are going to follow the practice of giving yourself deadlines.

However, to make your deadline effective, you should stick to it and avoid relaxation at all costs.  You can even set up a timer or an alarm in your PC or laptop that could serve as a constant reminder. Stress may be a bad thing but self-imposed stress at a manageable level has the capability of bringing noteworthy changes in your work routine.


The one thing that most people ignore is preparing beforehand. Try remembering your school days, when your teachers asked you to prepare for an upcoming topic before its test or exam. This practice can also be applied in your professional life. Make a to-do list before taking on a new assignment at work always helps.

There is no doubt that social networking has now become a very essential part of our life. Instead of using it needlessly, you can do some research related to our work that will effecitvely assist you to improve your productivity at work.

Documenting your daily tasks on social media can also help keep a check on how much you have been able to accomplish in a day. Interacting with an audience can also help rake in new ideas.


Keep your personal and professional tasks separate. By mixing them up you only create a mess for yourself, which is not a good thing if you want to effectively meet deadlines. When you are home, try giving your best and focus properly on your household matters.

However, the moment you step into the office, you should be a different person. Don’t bring your personal problems at work. This can cause problems in the relationship you have with your peers. It can also directly affect your performance.

If you have access to your social media accounts at work, try putting all the notifications on snooze. Not getting distracted by the comments on your photos from last night’s get-together is in your best interest and help you to improve your productivity at work.

All of the tips that have been discussed above can benefit those who want to retain their efficiency levels as professionals, in case, they think the graph of their productivity is going down. So, have you been productive at work lately or are you also reviewing your habits and conduct at the office?

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